Company Profile

Berkeley Corporate Services Ltd. and Berkeley Trust Company Ltd. has been established since 2006 and it incorporates, manages and administers former international business companies, limited duration companies, limited liability companies, trusts, and foundations. We provide specifically tailored solutions that involve fund administration services, private wealth and estate planning, portfolio management and securities administration.

Our proven results come from our experienced professionals and from our former associated companies who understand the different jurisdictions in which we work in. In addition, we work closely with our global network of professional intermediaries to secure the best possible solutions. We stay abreast of any new developments around the world as it pertains to our industry, in order to provide our clients with the most current information and inform them of new opportunities.

About Belize

Belize is an independent, sovereign nation situated to the southern tip of Mexico, in the Yucatan peninsula. It is a former British Colony, gaining independence in 1981. Still operating on the basis of English common law, the legal system is comprised of Magistrates’ Courts, a Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, with the ultimate appellate court being the Caribbean Court of Justice. In 1990, Belize entered the offshore financial services sector when its National Assembly enacted the International Business Companies Act (now Chapter 270 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000), which, after amendments, allows Registered Agents to incorporate international business companies and Limited Duration Companies. Its legislative armory was further strengthened in 1992 when the Trusts Act (Chapter 202) was enacted. Furthermore, with the enactment of the Belize Companies Act, 2022 (No 11 of 2022) which repeals, replaces and consolidates the International Business Companies Act, Cap. 270 & the Companies Act, Cap. 250, and streamlines, clarifies and improves the administration of the affairs of Belize Business Companies, Belize will firmly place itself among peer jurisdictions now known for delivery of best-in-class corporate services.


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