Local Companies Incorporation

Local Companies Incorporation

Berkeley specializes in the incorporation and annual maintenance of former Local (“LTD”) companies (known as Belize business entities). The Companies Act, Chapter 250, of the Laws of Belize (repealed, replaced and consolidated by the Belize Companies
Act, 2022) provides for the formation of Belize business entities (former local companies). These entities, unlike the former International Business Companies can carry on business locally in Belize and Belize residents are free to own shares. Foreign clients are also entitled to be shareholders of former local companies (known as Belize business entities); however, they must seek approval from the Central Bank of Belize. This is simply a matter of procedure which can be completed in a matter of days.


The former local company (known as Belize business entity) provides security and protection to both its shareholders and directors. Separate legal status/entity is a vital and recognized aspect of Belize law. When properly structured the former local corporation (known as Belize business entity) can also provide Asset Protection, Tax Minimization and Confidentiality.


Application Requirements:

  1. Name of Corporation
  2. Address of Company
  3. Type of Service
  4. List of Directors – Names and Addresses (at least 2 names must be provided)
  5. List of Shareholder – Name and Addresses
  6. Distribution of Shares amongst Shareholders;
  7. Company Officers e.g. Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, General Manager
  8. Subscribers

After the former local company (known as Belize business entity) is formed, you will be provided with the following documents:

  1. Original Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Certificate of Compliance
  3. Copy of Memorandum of Association
  4. Copy of Article of Association
  5. Resolution for transfer of shares to shareholders from subscribers
  6. Allotment of shares
  7. Share Certificates
  8. Resolution of First Directors
  9. Resolution of First Officers

A Belize business entity is required to file an annual return which details the
directorships and shareholdings of the entity.


You can view or downland our PDF of the Berkeley Local Company Order Form by clicking the button below.