Virtual Office

Virtual Office

A client with a Belize IBC Company can subscribe to our Virtual Office service to show that their company carries on business in or from within Belize. The virtual office facilities consist of a telephone/fax number and a mail forwarding service. The mail forwarding address is the same as the registered office address of the Registered Agent (Berkeley).

Virtual Telephone & Fax Number

A telephone number with live person answering and fax will be furnished to the client with forwarding to his/her e-mail address of all incoming voice calls and faxes in the desired audio or graphical file format.

Use Of Virtual Office

The convenience of being immediately accessible virtually anytime and anywhere, the virtual office service provides an international entrepreneur with the opportunity to insert a physical address and/or fax number in its marketing materials, documents, etc. as its mailing address. Furthermore, an offshore virtual office (offshore fax and voicemail service, mail-forwarding) address and contact info situated in the jurisdiction of an offshore company formation, provides an added level of protection and anonymity.