Belize LLC Overview

Belize Limited Liability Companies Overview

Belize LLCs were recently passed into law under the International Limited Liability Companies Act adopted in November 2011. LLCs are similar to IBCs, except they have membership interest, rather than shareholder stock.

Advantages Of The LLC

  • One Member can incorporate – Any individual or legal entity resident of any country may become a member of LLC.
  • Any individual or legal entity, who is a resident of any country, may be appointed as a manager of Belize offshore LLC.
    • A minimum of one member is required.
    • Members can fully participate in the management of the LLC
    • Members are not personally liable for the debts, obligations or liabilities
  • Information about all persons connected to Belize LLC is completely private.
    • The Articles of Organization is the only document filed with the Registry in Belize. This document does not include any information about corporate members, managers and beneficial owners.
    • Public information is limited to 1) name of the LLC 2) Belize registered agent and 3) Belize registered office address.
  • The LLC is a legal entity with separate rights and liabilities distinct from its members and managers
  • LLCs are exempted from taxes, duties and exchange control in Belize
  • Only judgments delivered by a court in Belize are enforceable against a LLC or any of its managers or members
  • No audit requirements
  • Annual meetings are not required.
  • Hold IBCs, Trusts and Foundations