Our Policies

Delivery Policy

Depending on the country that the product is being sent to and the service you request after processing begins, and credit card verification, processing may take up to 48 hours depending on the type of service requested.

Credit Card Refund Policy

You can contact us at the below number and email address within 24-48 hours after soliciting any of our services to request a refund. Due to the nature of services we offer we will review your request for refund and inform the percentage of refund.

Privacy & Security Policy

Our Privacy & Security Policy explains how information is collected when you visit www.berkeley-trust.com. Our Privacy & Security Policy, effective as of January 1, 2016, is for general guidance and subject to change. Customer information means personally identifiable information about a customer.

Protecting Information About You From External Parties

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We may collect personally identifiable information when you visit our site. We also automatically receive and record information on our server logs from your browser including your IP address, cookie information and the page(s) you visited. Berkeley Corporate Services or Berkeley Trust Company Ltd. do not sell, share or distribute any Customer Information with anyone who may want to offer you their own products and services.

Information Security

Keeping personal and financial information secure is one of our most important responsibilities. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect Customer Information. Employees are only authorized to access Customer Information only when there is a need to provide you with products and services or to maintain your accounts. Our employees are bound by a code of ethics that requires confidential treatment of Customer Information and are subject to disciplinary action if they fail to follow this code.

How We May Share Information

We only share customer information we reasonably believe is conducting a legitimate Inquiry, including without limitation, in response to any subpoena, summons, court or administrative order, or other legal process issued by a regulatory, administrative or judicial authority or tribunal whether within or outside Belize, which we believes requires its compliance.

Our code of conduct requires that your information remain confidential. Even if you are no longer our customer, we will continue to treat your non public personal information in the same way as if you were still a customer. In addition, we maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard this personal information.

Protecting Your Information

We recommends that you take the following precautions to guard against the disclosure and unauthorized use of your personal information:

Personal Computer Security

One way a thief can get personal information about you is from your home computer. The following tips detail how you can add to the security of personal information on your home computer.

Install And Use Anti-Virus Programs

Viruses can infect a home computer in many ways: through floppy disks, CDs, e-mail, Websites and downloaded files. Anti-virus programs help protect your computer against most viruses, worms, Trojans and other unwanted invaders that can make your computer “sick.” Viruses, worms and the like often perform malicious acts, such as deleting files, accessing personal data or using your computer to attack other computers. If a file is found to be infected with a virus, most anti-virus programs provide you with options of how to respond, such as removing the harmful item or deleting the file. Installing an anti-virus program and keeping it up-to-date is the best defense for your home computer.

Firewalls: What Are They And How Do I Use Them?

Before you connect your computer to the Internet, you should install a firewall. A firewall can be generally described as a security guard for your home computer. The guard is a software that helps protect your PC against hackers and many computer viruses and worms. With a firewall, you define which connections between your computer and other computers on the Internet are allowed and which are denied. There are firewall programs, both free and available for purchase, that provide the capabilities you need to help make your home computer more secure.

Keep Your System Up-To-Date

Most software vendors provide free patches to fix problems and security vulnerabilities in their products. It is highly recommended to keep all your software up to date through automatic updates. In addition to keeping your Operating System up to date you should also ensure browsers and other plugins are updated regularly (e.g. Adobe Flash, Java). You can usually download these patches from the vendor’s Website. When you purchase a program, it is a good idea to find out how the vendor provides customer support

Changes To The Privacy & Security Policy

If we make changes to our Privacy & Policy or make any material changes to our online services, we will revise our Privacy &Security; Policy to reflect such changes and revise the policy’s effective date.