Securities Trading License Application

Securities Trading License Application

The Belize Securities Trading License application was created because many licensed IBC company formation companies and trustees were providing these types of securities related services as ancillary services to their primary service. Although these securities related service runs parallel to their primary functions, the International Financial Services Commission recognized that some providers might lack the specific skills for such ancillary services and hence the requirement of a specific license.


The following financial services require a license:


  • Money brokering.
  • Money lending and pawning.
  • Money exchange.
  • Safe custody services.
  • Accounting services.
  • Brokerage,consultancy or advisory.
  • International insurance services.
  • International asset protection and management.
  • International collective investment schemes (such as mutual funds, unit trusts, etc).
  • Money transmission services.
  • Payment processing services.
  • Trading in foreign exchange.
  • Trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities (e.g. futures, options, interest rates, foreign exchange instruments, shares, stock, contracts for differences etc).

Belize Securities Application Process

The application process usually takes approximately 5-7 weeks (inclusive of bank account opening) and assumes the receipt of the below due diligence documentations:


  • Due Diligence documentation:
    • Passport copy duly notarized for each beneficial owner, director, officer and member;
    • Recent utility bill or any other document showing physical address of each beneficial owner, director, officer and member;
    • Character reference letter from an Attorney or an Accountant for each beneficial owner, director, officer and member with whom the person has no less than two years professional working experience
    • Bank reference letter for each beneficial owner, director, officer and member with whom the person has no less than two years banking experience showing the date account was opened, type of account/business that the client has with the bank, and any other information that shows that the client has handled the account to that bank’s satisfaction.
    • A biographical affidavit of each director, shareholder and officer of the applicant company;
  • Five Years Business Plan
  • A letter from the bank confirming that the minimum paid up capital of US$100,000.00 is being held in the name of the applicant company and that the said amount will not be removed or reduced while the license is in force;
  • A letter evidencing that the applicant company will have management in Belize with adequate knowledge and expertise of the kind of business to be carried on; and
  • Certificate of Incumbency for the applicant company (to be issue by the Registered Agent in Belize).

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